Reasonable Expectations – 4-27-2017

There is a quote that I like:  Expectation is premeditated disappointment.  (I would love to give credit to whomever said it first in that way, but I can’t find that source.) This quote reminds me often that I must have … Continue reading

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Deadly Trust

Source: Deadly Trust

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Stoopid Hooman! 2-4-2017

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This is more of a collection of thoughts that seem to be related rather than a fully fleshed out essay.  Please bear with me. The most recent event on this journey of clicker training was noticing that my dog, Sophie, … Continue reading

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Temporary Groom

This week I’m working as a fill-in groom for my former dressage trainer until the new groom starts next Monday. It’s interesting to me that not only have I forgotten how to do some basic chores, such as putting boots … Continue reading

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Zone Training

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I’ve attended three Bob Bailey and Parvene Farhoody Chicken Workshops.  One of the things I learned about there was something Bob called “zone training”.  He doesn’t know of anyone else who teaches this. Bob talked about using zones to help … Continue reading

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Animal Magnetism and Rubber Bands, 11-28-16

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Animal Magnetism Atticus and I have managed to get through the “worst” of the rehab of his laminitic episode back in April.  He has lost 200 lbs. and our training time is not focused so much on just exercise.  We … Continue reading

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I have had to walk Mr. Atticus twice a day since about May because of a laminitic episode. It has been an interesting journey and we’re still on it. I’ve also had to really watch what I feed him and … Continue reading

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Ride Shorter, Progress Farther.

Us humans can be like rats on a wheel sometimes. Source: Ride Shorter, Progress Farther.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge 2

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Where are the edges? Between you and me? Where do you begin and I end? Where do I end and you begin? Is there an edge where you and I meet?   Save Save

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

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Light Dark Shadow Petal Insect

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