Clicker Training Doesn’t Work, 3-22-14, Trailering Skills Session #136

Atty on Trailer PHI’m telling you.  Clicker training just doesn’t work!  I mean it.  It just doesn’t.  Here I am now more than a year later after starting this trailering skills project and I have a horse who WON’T GET OFF the dang trailer!  It’s not working!  I’ve tried everything!  I’ve tried hooking up the butt bar.  Nope.  He doesn’t move.  No rushing off or pushing through the butt bar.  I’ve tried closing the back door.  Nothing.  No backing up.  No kicking.  Not even any manure.  I’ve tried turning the truck engine on.  I’ve tried actually moving the trailer a few feet.  Nothing.  When I go back to let him off the trailer, he just won’t budge.  He just stands there with the back door open and the butt bar down.  Won’t move an inch.  I give him the cue to back off (“PICKles!”) and he doesn’t move.  Or he backs up a step or two but dives right back into the hay bag.  It’s really annoying not being able to get him off.  And when he does finally choose to step off and I click and I treat (lots of treats), he gets right back on!  I just don’t know what to do.  I daresay I have a monster on my hands.  A real nightmare, uh, gelding.

About Laurie Higgins

I play with clicker training - with my horses, dogs, and cats. I also attempt to grow vegetables with the hope of one day being able to feed my family from my garden. My daughter and I are learning ballroom dancing. Well, we were. But she left me for a paying horse job, so now my husband and I are learning ballroom dancing. I'm also now helping Peggy Hogan, of Clicker Training Horses (and The Best Whisper is a Click) to teach people how to train their own horses using "clicker training".
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2 Responses to Clicker Training Doesn’t Work, 3-22-14, Trailering Skills Session #136

  1. meadowmice says:

    … maybe you should just move the trailer into his paddock and let it be his barn? 😉


  2. Sorry. I completely missed the fact that the smiley is winking! 😛


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