Atty Backing onto Pedestal, 4-5-13

This is the last couple of minutes of a 15-minute session. My goal is to eventually be able to just sit on the side and click and reward for his figuring out what to do. Yes, he’s already been shaped to back onto the pedestal, but I’d used lost of cues from my body to help him line up correctly. Now I want to fade myself out of the picture.

This video shows him backing onto the pedestal fairly well, then I carefully ask him to come forward straight and just barely off the pedestal, and ask for a back again. This is what I’m looking for: a clean, straight back onto the pedestal.

The beginning of the session involved walking forward onto the pedestal, parking with front feet on, then walking forward some more (carefully) until the back feet were on and the front feet were off. Then I asked for a back by where I stood. I did have to give some help in terms of positioning and fixing the ground poles a couple of times. If he backed crooked or stepped over the ground poles, I asked him to come forward and start again.

About Laurie Higgins

I play with clicker training - with my horses, dogs, and cats. I also attempt to grow vegetables with the hope of one day being able to feed my family from my garden. My daughter and I are learning ballroom dancing. Well, we were. But she left me for a paying horse job, so now my husband and I are learning ballroom dancing. I'm also now helping Peggy Hogan, of Clicker Training Horses (and The Best Whisper is a Click) to teach people how to train their own horses using "clicker training".
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